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** installation Included **

If you are looking for a Manual Traffic Exchange Script then you have come to the right place. You will not find a better script or better after sales support than with AMCS Web Services.

We install all the scripts ourselves to ensure the minimum of problems for our new script owners and will help you to get things set up the way YOU want them. It saves us time and gets you up and running MUCH faster in most cases.

We run our own Traffic Exchange to test out New routines and such so please take a look and see if you like what you see. Keep in mind we can customize your site to any specifications you may require.

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Other Requirements

  • Pick out the name you wish to use and register your domain OR tell us and we can do this for you and then transfer ownership to you after installation.

  • Find yourself a Host (linux) that supports PHP/Mysql OR host it on one of our Dedicated Servers for only $ 5.95 per month.

  • Find some Graphics and we will partially customize your site by building you a Header, Footer, background, Splash Page and Promotional Banner

Important Considerations

Your most important consideration when trying to decide which Script to Purchase should always be the flexibility available to you to change things to suit your own needs. At AMCS Web Services we try to always keep this in mind as we are developing our scripts.

Some Functions other scripts seem to have left out but can be very important include....

  • Turn the site On or Off so you can perform maintenance or upgrades without corrupting your database because Members are surfing as you change things.

  • Turn Signups ON or Off should the need arise.

  • Turn Auto Site Approval ON or OFF (either way you are notified of new sites or url changes)

  • Ban Email Addresses

  • Ban IP Addresses (this function re-directs them away from your site before it even loads.

  • Ban Sites you decide are not acceptable

  • Database Access from your Admin Menu makes it quick and easy for you to backup your database (VERY IMPORTANT)

As a Site owner you need the ability to change things easily and quickly to make your Business better than the next guys. We have tried (and will continue to improve) to make as many things 'customizable' as possible.

  • Meta Tags (used by search engines) can be changed whenever you wish from the Admin Section.

  • You have full control over your Membership levels. You can change the costs, ratios, timers, referral levels, referral level percentages, referral join bonuses, Membership join bonuses and others as you wish.

  • Our Basic script also comes pre-installed with a daily, weekly and monthly bonus add-on that you can customize for up to 10 levels of bonuses. You control the prize amounts and can change them whenever you wish.

  • Member surfing incentives like the 'Next day magnifier' can be changed to reflect the bonus you would like them to have as well as how many visits they must make to earn it.

You will find many 'Basic' Administration functions available and common with many scripts. We have tried over the years to make sure all of them are available to you and easy to use.

  • Member Statistics (shows different membership levels listed by last day of activity and allow you to edit/remove/email individuals)

  • Non-Validated Members list allows you to resend validation email or remove those that signed up, but never validated or activated their accounts.

  • Add/Edit/Remove/view member referrals allows you full control over your Members and their information.

  • FAQ Maintenance allows you to easily Add/Edit or Remove FAQ section Heading (Categories) and Questions/Answers.

  • Rotating Banner Maintenance allows you to Add/View/Edit/Remove any Rotating Banners you wish to display or sell.

  • Advertising Option Maintenance allows you to easily set up your own Advertising options in neat, organized categories which you can Add, Sort or Remove as you wish.

  • Payment Options are currently limited to Paypal, Alertpay and Safepay. You can easily add or change your payment information.

    ** Note: If you have other payment methods you wish set up we will be happy to see if they can be added to the script **

Another very important aspect of any script you purchase should be your ability to 'Customize' things in a way YOU feel will attract Members or Customers. We have designed our scripts to allow you to easily change many pages or functions very easily.

  • Change Background color or picture

  • Totally change the Top of the page above the menu.

  • Change ALL the text/graphics appearing on the Front page, Program Information page and Agreement Page

  • Change the 'Members News' which appears at the top of the Members Section Menu

  • Change the content of the Welcome Letter sent to new members when they sign up.

MOST IMPORTANT we are here for you. We support all the scripts we sell and are more than happy to help you with any problems you encounter. Should you wish to change something or add a new routine you think would help your site you will find we will do our very best to see that your wishes are made a reality.

** NOTE: We do NOT support scripts that add illegal content and/or
are associated with businesses suspected of and/or involved with illegal activities **

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